Friday, March 23, 2012

"May the odds be ever in your favor" favors

If you don't have tween or teenaged kids, you may not have heard about The Hunger Games until just recently. Of course the movie opens today and everyone seems to be talking about it. We're pretty excited about it in my family; even my husband raves about this Suzanne Collins book and the other two in the series. (If you haven't read them, they are surprisingly dark for "kids" books which feels to me like they are aimed at a more mature reader.)

My daughter was invited to a friend's birthday party today and they're seeing this movie. I thought it would be fun to make some favors to match the theme. (I jokingly called these "May the odds be ever in your favor" favors.) 

I made a sketch of the mockingjay pin design on the cover and went from there. My daughter liked the idea of making the pin in silver and black instead of gold, but we kept the gold in the lip balm caps and the metallic gold bows. 

We chose Hot Chocolate flavor because of the treat Katniss and Peeta shared on the train. I found this free Hunger Games font that looks pretty close to the one used on the book jacket. 

I couldn't resist making a gold pin, just to see what it looked like. I'm kinda in love with these black jars, too.

The rest of us will be seeing The Hunger Games soon, and I'll be interested to see how close it is to the book. It's sometimes hard to see a book that you love turned into a movie (especially when famous actors are playing the characters you've seen in your head!). 

Did you read The Hunger Games? Are you seeing the film today? Let me know what you think!


  1. Hello! I love this idea! It's great! I was wondering how did you create the sticker for the lip balm? I would love to replicate this idea. Thanks in advanced.

  2. Hi Annette! Well, the three step graphic above shows how I made both of the stickers. I sketched the design on paper first, then scanned and converted it to line art, then filled it in with the colors I wanted using Adobe Illustrator. I completed the sticker designs in Illustrator, too, adding the text around the graphics.

  3. Hi! This is such a great idea! Im having a hunger games themed party for my birthday around halloween. Do you sell these? Could I buy a few from you, to use as favors? Thank you! ~Natalie~

  4. Hi, Natalie!
    Thank you so much! Yes, I do sell them! Please send me an email if you are still interested and we can work out the details!



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