Sunday, August 21, 2011

Family Heritage

I took a rare day off Saturday to go to the Maine Highland Games with a friend. We've gone in the past to see the sheepdog trials, to hear the pipers, and to watch the Highland dancers. We check out all of the cool thistle products and sometimes we sample the fish and chips (my husband really likes the bridies, too). This year my friend needed to find a fabulous dog collar for her own sheepdog, and I needed to check in with my Clan.

I share a name with my grandmother, a Graham from Vermont who was only a few generations removed from Scotland. In past years at the Highland Games I would look for the Graham tartan in the vendors' booths. I'd find it on keychains or mugs, and we'd point out the Clan booth in the row of other clans.

This year I went right in to say hi. I signed the book and chatted with the other Grahams, who were kind enough to take our picture right under the banner. I don't know why I wanted to check in this year, but I'm glad that I did.

We had a great afternoon enjoying the music and dancing (and the kilts!). I think next year I'll have to bring the whole family so everyone can sign in!

What about you? Do you celebrate your heritage? Where is your family from?

The winning dog!


  1. I am three-quarters Swedish, that is 3 out of 4 of my grandparents were full-blooded Swedes. We used to celebrate our heritage more when those grandparents were still alive. :)

  2. That's neat, Amy...and too bad that you don't still celebrate. Is it something you've done with your kids at all?



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