Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indie Business Blog Mention!

I was so excited to be mentioned in a blog post at the Indie Business Blog yesterday! Donna Maria Coles Johnson gave some great examples of how small business owners can spread the word about their businesses, including sharing what they make, sharing their ingredients, and sharing where they go. In the "Share where you work" section, Donna Maria mentioned the slide show video which featured the construction of our new office.

The post also provides links to some amazing businesses, such as The Bead Dreamer, Bella Lucce, and Milk and Cookeez. I'm honored to be in such great company! Thank you, Donna Maria, for including me!


  1. Thrilled to spread the word about the amazing things you are doing. Thank you for sharing the link with your fans here at your blog. I love how you are growing it and making it an even more fun place to hang out. Go Emily!



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