Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring the Eggs

I remember so well the years that both of my kids colored Easter eggs and ended up with brown hands. Those wire loop holders were ignored in favor of tiny fingers, dipped into one color after another. Easter morning they showed off fancy dresses and handsome dress shirts and hands still stained to the wrists. Most of the eggs were brown, too.

The kids are bigger now, but not too big to enjoy coloring eggs. Tristan's hands were still a bit "colorful" but I'm happy to say that the eggs were, too.


  1. They turned out so beautiful! I had packets of color from last Easter, plus I bought another kit this year, and neither one had any purple dye. We had two different colors of green and two different colors of blue though!

  2. Thanks, dM and Amy! Amy, we do the same thing: I had several kits from previous years and we bought a new one, too. Ours didn't have any purple, either! Isn't that weird? The kids improvised by "double dipping" but none of them were true purples. I wonder why they have so many greens and blues and no purples?



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