Sunday, March 06, 2011

Party Favor Giveaway

As I mentioned last week, I've recently received several requests for party favor donations. Of course I can't provide free products to everyone who asks, but I find it difficult to select just one recipient. How would I choose? It's impossible to do it fairly unless everyone has a chance and the selection is random. That's why I decided it was time to offer a Party Favor Giveaway.

If you:
1. are planning a party in April or May
2. live in the U.S. (or can have items shipped to a U.S. address)
3. are at least 18 years old, and
4. are willing to share your party details with my blog readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends...I'd love to create your party favors!

What type of party? Any kind! I've made thousands of favors for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, baby showers, girls' nights out, even divorce parties and so many other events!

What type of favor? For this giveaway, I'm offering lip balm in your choice of jars, tubes, or tins.

What type of design, decoration, or flavor? Here's the fun part: I will work with the winner to create favors that fit with your party theme. You will get to choose the design, flavor, colors, and embellishments I use to put together your favors. Every one of my party favors customers goes through this same process, but this time I'll be sharing the process with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and blog readers through regular posts (so make sure you don't mind having us all discuss your party details in public).

Don't worry
: even though I'm hoping that our readers will share their opinions as we work on your project, the final choices about the favors will be yours!

How many favors? I'm excited to donate a set of 20 personalized favors. (Lip balm favors with custom labels and tags, wrapped in clear bags with bows usually retail for $75.00, so this is the biggest giveaway I've ever done!) Of course you may choose to have only custom tags or labels—it's up to you!

How do you enter? Simple! Visit one of our party pages (see the links above) at or check out some of my party favor designs and think about what type of party favors you'd like. Leave a comment below sharing the flavor, design, or theme you liked from the site. If you prefer, you could also tell us what type of party you're planning for this spring along with any of the theme or color ideas you've already come up with! (If you don't have a party planned yet, that's okay! We're sure you can come up with something!) Make sure you leave an email or name in your comment so I know who you are.

For extra entries, you can:
- follow GCDSpa on Twitter
- tweet about the giveaway (only once per day, please)
- join our mailing list
- "like" our Facebook page

Please make sure you add a separate comment for each of these entries. We'll be selecting a winner at noon on Tuesday, March 15, and then the fun begins!! So make sure to visit the site and leave your comment below!

Thanks so much for your interest!


  1. Very cool party favors. It is very unique.

  2. That's a fantastic idea! Now I wish I had a party to plan. Does book club count? :)

  3. I "liked" your Facebook page and I would love the opportunity to create party favors with you. I'm planning two parties in April. The one in April is a goofy family "Giraffe Party" with giraffe themed games. Last year we did moose and the year before we did penguins! Anyway, it's a lot of fun! I'm also planning a girls' weekend for May with my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws. We rent a hotel room for a long weekend and go shopping, out to eat, and just hang out together. Flavors that sound good to me are Birthday Cake, Chocolate Truffle, Citrus and Ginger, Cosmopolitan, Cupcake, Margarita, Mojito, Pink Grapefruit, oh man, there's too many yummy ones to pick from!! You should put together a sampler pack!

  4. How can I pass up such an amazing giveaway-for an awesome, personal product.
    I have 2 boy Birthday parties 1 in early April and one in May. The April party is red dinosaurs for a soon to be 4 yr old(I will leave the creativity up to you on that one!)& an 8th Birthday for my other son, who will probably want a Lego Party-again, creativity on you :) Flavors would be sweet probably lollipop.
    Hope I win, my guys LOVE your balm!

  5. I tweeted @ milkandcookeez :)

  6. new fb like it fan! my daughter is turning 2 and these would make some great party favors!!! we are having a preppy crab party!!!

  7. now follow you on twitter, what an awesome give away!!!

  8. just visited the site, oh my gosh you have so many yummy flavors!

    I LOVE anything cupcake, so that is my fave!

  9. I'm planning a tea party for my Daisy Scout troop! They've been awesome girls and I want to let them have some fun after working so hard all year. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. I have a fun idea! We are having a moving party! We are finally able to move from Maryland to Vermont for good after being in limbo for several years! We are getting together with some friends here and having a little cake so this would be a really cute addition! We could have fun with the favors-chocolate MOOSE?? Maybe?!!!

  11. I follow GCD Spa on Twitter!

  12. I am on your mailing list for your newsletter.

  13. I like you on facebook!

  14. I just tweeted the giveaway!

  15. My husband and I will have a birthday party together cause both of us born on May. I was thinking to make it real fun.. very childish ;) lots of colors, balloons, games, costumes etc.. I loved the the design # 132 and would love to have it in tins. I will leave the decoration to you.. because it is for men and women.. Don't know if is possible.. Also I wanted to know if you can write the message in spanish? Thanks and blessings.. Selina

  16. Okay...I will plan a party in order to show others how great your favors are, Emily! Was thinking of doing a Stella & Dot trunk show in May for a friend who is starting a stylist business. Having favors would be perfect and maybe encourage people to buy more jewelry!

    Hope you are doing well. Need to get my St. Pat's order on.

    Susan Timmons

  17. I am doing my daily tweet for chocolate MOOSE!!

  18. Did my next daily tweet!!

  19. I love the divorce party favors, lol. Shoulda had one for my big D!!!

    I'm having a birthday party for my two little ones this May, one boy, one girl, one week apart, so we're combining them... Dunno what we're doing this year, probably a Dora and Diego party.... shelly.potter(at)

  20. AND I get your newsletter, so I'm on the mailing list!!!! So very generous of you!

  21. Doing my daily tweet for the giveaway!!

  22. Simply Balmy - I am in for some homemade lip balm!

  23. Here we go! Final tweet about the Off To Vermont Chocolate Moose Party!!

  24. I am turning 40 this June and think lip balms with the lipstick print on them would be great. The tags could say "Kiss your youth goodbye" or "Kiss your 30s goodbye." Or, instead, the labels could have awkward photos of me from my youth on them and they could say "Let's hope 40 is more fashionable" :) Either way...I think my sister should get in touch with you...GCDSpa party favors would be fantastic! :)

  25. I am taking my termally ill friend to cancun for a last hurrah so to speak and celebrate her 40th and possibly last birthday on from march 26-april 2nd and its going to be a week long birthday party...and celebration of her life. I found the coconut lime lip balm and would love to send her home with some reminders of that trip...even if not chosen the winner, I will be in touch to order :)


  26. I am planning a FANTASTIC divorce party after 17 years of marriage. My thoughts lean toward the Dirty Bastard Lip Balm with the saying "I do, I did, I'm done". Should be a really fun time with all my precious friends. Can't wait to celebrate!!

    1. Hi Deb! LOVE your idea! Though this giveaway has ended, I'd love to work with you--let me know if you need any favors! :) We offer welcome discounts for new customers who join our mailing list!!



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