Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rock Candy Soap from Milk and Cookeez

I have long admired the mouthwatering soap creations of Tammy Brodbeck at Milk and Cookeez...soaps shaped like popsicles! Soap Caramel Apples! Cupcake soaps! They're all so adorable and fun, how is it possible to choose? A few weeks ago Tammy was talking about her Rock Candy soap on her Facebook page and I just couldn't resist any longer.

Each Rock Candy soap comes on a stick (just like the real candy!) and is wrapped in a clear bag with coordinating polka dot bow. I chose pink, green, yellow, and blue, all of which come in a scent described as a "sweet tart" candy fragrance, a blend of "berries, lemons, sugar, and a hint of vanilla." Sounded good enough to eat...which is probably why the parting advice on the Rock Candy page is "Don't Eat it!" (They must know what happens with candy soaps and kids...)

I don't know how it's possible, but this soap is even cuter in person. I showed my kids (ages 10 and 12) and so began the conversations about the soap: Is it candy or soap? (It's soap shaped like candy.) Mmmm, it smells like candy, maybe it really IS candy? (No, it has a remarkable resemblance to candy in every way, but it is meant for washing.) Why does it SAY candy if it's not candy? (Haven't you guys ever SEEN rock candy? This looks JUST LIKE rock candy, but it's SOAP!) Once I was finished taking pictures of the soap for this post and they could try it out, the confusion was over and the good, clean fun could start. Delicious fragrance! Awesome lather! Kids with clean hands! What's not to like?

For those of you who are concerned about ingredients, Milk and Cookeez uses only detergent free soap bases and phthalate free fragrances. They are kid-safe and VERY kid-friendly, so I am making a mental list of all the "kids" on my Christmas list who absolutely must try these yummy soaps. (Wouldn't they make fabulous stocking stuffers?)

You can find out more about Milk and Cookeez on Facebook...follow Milk and Cookeez on Twitter...and place your orders here. (For the record, I purchased these soaps and was not paid for this review.)

Did you click those links above to check out the popsicles and cupcakes? What's your favorite Milk and Cookeez product? Which one should I order next?!


  1. These are some really impressive and sweet looking soaps! I'm not sure how you would pick just one :) The Peppermint Bark Popsicle, Glazed Donuts and Sea Salt Caramel Apples are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. She makes really neat soaps, doesn't she, Anne-Marie? They smell HEAVENLY! I think the Peppermint Bark Popsicles are next on my list, but I'll have a hard time giving them away! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Emily, I'm sooo slow! Thanks so much for the wonderful mention.
    You are sooo sweet, TY!
    Your Pictures are awesome, I may just have to take all of my pics.

  4. These soaps look awesome!! I want some!



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