Monday, March 01, 2010

Word of the Week: Blooms

It's still gray here. We've had rain and snow in the past week. And it's March, so we can look forward to more of the same, then mud. Yuck.

I was desperate for some blooms this past week, and I'd read that you could force forsythia and other flowering shrubs if you brought them inside. So about a week ago I cut some branches, brought them in, and put them in a vase of warm water. The picture below left is what they looked like when I first cut them. The middle is how they looked a few days later. And the right is how they looked this morning.

In all, it took about a week for them to blossom. When I read about this the recommendation was to cut the branches on a day that was above freezing, put them in warm water, then re-cut them while holding them under the water. Then they recommended putting them in floral preservative. I took the quick and easy (lazy?) route by just cutting them and putting them in water. (I did cut them on a warm-ish day.) Probably it would work better to cut and re-cut them as recommended, but it DOES work to just cut and put in a vase.

Make sure you choose branches that have lots of buds on them. I cut several long branches and a few short ones for tiny arrangements. The burst of color is such a boost on a rainy day like today. If you're still a month away from a green and blooming yard, remember that you're only a week away from enjoying an indoor spring! Let me know if you try this and what types of plants you were able to force! Have fun!


  1. Kristina DeFrancescoMarch 1, 2010 at 9:46 AM

    I've only done it the easy way. I was told this weekend that it also works with magnolia... I'm going to see if I can find a magnolia to snip a bit...

  2. Ooh, magnolia! I'd love to try that one. Let us know if it works! And pictures, please--I know you have that nice new camera! :0)



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