Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday is Aunt Nancy's Soap

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  1. Okay, so it's just not possible for me to remain "wordless" about Aunt Nancy's soap. I just can't buy soap at the grocery store anymore because I started sampling some handmade soaps and I'm hooked! The link I've provided above is to Aunt Nancy's You Pick 5 soaps (and get free U.S. shipping). When I ordered my 5, I chose the Rose clay facial bar, goat milk fragrance free, citrus trio, summer peppermint, and creamy peppermint with chocolate swirl.

    I am loving me some peppermint soaps lately, that's all I can say. We have only a sliver of the creamy peppermint w/chocolate and I'll just have to be reordering that one as it is a DREAM. I love the summer peppermint, too, but it's not as strong a peppermint smell as the other, and doesn't have the same cooling feeling. Still haven't tried the rose clay or the citrus trio, so I'll have to add my other comments later! Try some Aunt Nancy's!!



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