Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flavor of the Month - February

Happy Valentine's Day! It'll be here before you know it, and to celebrate we have a new Flavor of the Month. Sweetheart lip balm has the flavors of peach, orange and coconut--a (nonalcoholic) shot of sweetness!

We make tons of passionately red balms this time of year, including Red Hot, Valentini, raspberry cheesecake, and pink champagne, so you're destined to find something you like. See our special Valentine page for these and other gifts.

Plus, did you know that you can get 10% off your next order? If you aren't on our mailing list, you probably didn't know, but order by February 14th to get a discount! Check out the details of this special in our recent newsletter.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bath Salts

Last winter I got this email from a customer about some bath salts she had ordered:

"What a surprise to find that my order was already here on Saturday night. I came home tired and chilled, so I immediately indulged in a bath with your salts. I tried the (Gifts of the) Magi salts first since the idea of frankincense has always intrigued me and I had no idea what it would smell like. It was heavenly. Also I have tried the clover and it is probably my favorite so far. I thought that I had my winter's supply in but now I plan to share with the two nurses that I work with. It will be a great Valentine gift to them- I just want them to feel the same relaxed feeling that I have had. Thanks."
After this email I definitely decided that this is the time of year for hot soaks! Feeling chilled and tired of winter? Warm up with our bath salts! (They make a great gift, too.)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Protect those lips!

Check out this article at MSN, posted this morning. Here's my favorite part: "To prevent and repair chapping, use a lip balm or petrolatum-based ointment (Vaseline, Aquaphor) to seal in moisture and form a protective barrier." We avoid the petroleum products around here, but we definitely have lots of lip balm to choose from! There are some other great tips here, including breaking the "lip licking" cycle and making sure to keep hydrated. There's also a reminder to help your kids keep their lips moisturized: they can be "encouraged to use lip balm by selecting the fruit-flavored varieties." Hey, guess what? We have lots of kid-friendly flavors, too!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Flavor of the Month

It's January 7th and I'm just getting around to posting these and mailing them out...this is what happens when I go on vacation! I haven't even added it to the site yet. Later today...

This is the third year I've done the Flavor of the Month, and this year they will all be cocktail flavors (or mocktails, really, since they're non-alcoholic). January is Happy New Year balm, which is a champagne cocktail with brandy, port, and orange juice. Each month generally has something to do with the season or a holiday. Let us know what you think!

Friday, January 04, 2008


This is my daughter doing her best Abe Lincoln impersonation (photo by Ed Caswell). I just can't help but laugh when I look at it--you'd laugh, too, if you knew that she got on the school bus wearing this outfit. Why did she do this? She's nine. I have no other explanation.

I was watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" again the other day, and Katherine says, "Never lose your childish innocence. It's the most important thing." I can't think of a better resolution for this year or any other. I may not start wearing a beard to the grocery store, but I'll try to remember all those things that children just seem to know. They can find happiness in little things, whole worlds in cardboard boxes, and they let the cares of the world roll off like rain. Here's to snow angels and soggy mittens, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and not worrying so much about what other people think!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday season. I sure did--got to spend time with family and friends, ate way too much chocolate, and enjoyed a ton of snow here in Maine. It definitely was a white Christmas, and now we're taking bets on whether it will also be a white St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Cinco de Mayo, as well!

We have lots of new things in the works for the coming months, and we'll be writing about them here in the blog, but I also wanted to make sure that everyone knows about our newsletter. As of January 1, all mailing list customers are going to get special discounts and offers through the newsletter, so if you aren't signed up, you'll be missing out! (If you want to catch up--or find the promotional code to receive a 10% discount on your next order--our newsletter archive is here.) In the past we've only mailed them every few months, but we're going to start sending messages every 4 to 6 weeks.


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