Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pink Lady

Remember that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last October we introduced Pink Lady lip balm, our first product created specifically to benefit a cause. A dollar from the sale of each of these balms goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, for breast cancer research and education. We've made these balms into favors with special tags to let the recipients know their gift was also shared with a good cause.

This year we've added Pink Lady lotion and hand cream, and a dollar from each of these products will also go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. There's even a moisturizers gift set, with all three products (see the photo?), for which we donate $3!

The Pink Lady balm was inspired by the gin cocktail of the same name; it's non-alcoholic and tastes like cream, grenadine and lemon. The lotion and hand cream have a sweet cranberry fragrance, and contain no paraben preservatives. We sell all three products year-round and have no upper limit on the amount we plan to donate.

Friday, September 07, 2007

To Gray or Not to Gray

This recent article in Newsweek gave me pause...Looks: A Manly Comeback. It's one thing to buy an expensive pair of jeans or shoes, but it always amazes me that people are willing to go under the knife to conform to a trend. One guy mentioned had recent surgery to reduce his nose and now wants it changed again to be more masculine. What happens to him when the "metro" look comes back? Can you say "Michael Jackson"?!

Are we all so insecure that we have to look like the "it" people? The "it" people change weekly, don't they? Doesn't it make your head spin to think about keeping up with that?! I'm having a bobblehead moment, myself.

When I was in high school, my hair was straight--so I permed it. A friend had gorgeous ringlets and would have killed to wear straight styles. Blondes want dark hair, brunettes want red hair, and on and on. Here's a thought: what would it be like to focus on being the best we can be--and doing the best we can do--with what we've got? I loved this article about women going gray. The heading reads, "Can a woman let her hair go gray at 50 and still be considered attractive?" My question would be, How about letting it go at 36? I'm well on my way...and I'll let you know what I find out!


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