Friday, April 27, 2007

Do Girls Need Lotion?

So the other day I was reading an article online about Bratz Dolls (my daughter has one and the headline--Are Bratz Dolls Too Sexy?--caught my attention!). I've heard most of these observations about the Bratz dolls in other places before now, so it was a quote about the American Girl dolls and accessories, on page 2 of the article, that I found most interesting.

American Girl recently introduced a line of bath and body products for little girls (ages 8 and up). Sharon Lamb, one of the authors quoted in this article, says that selling lotion with these dolls "sends a message...telling girls that lotion is something they need. 'And girls don’t need to be self-conscious about needing soft skin at 7 years old,' says Lamb" (a psychology professor and author of Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers' Schemes).

My daughter is almost 9, right in the "tween" age group that would be using these products and, I guess, buying into their "marketing messages." She also gets dry skin sometimes, which I've treated by giving her lotion. I really thought, on several occasions, that she needed lotion! What I'm puzzled by is the idea that encouraging my child to use a certain kind of product to take care of her skin is sending a "sexual message" to her. Does anyone else wonder what's going on here??

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NEW! Let's Chat!

Woo-hoo! I have a blog! I've been so frustrated by the one-sided "conversations" on my site, and I thought this would be more fun. When I'm working on something new, I love to have lots of feedback--someone saying, "Great! I've always wanted Lemon Drop hand cream!" is nice, but it's almost better when someone says, "I know I wouldn't buy anything with coffee grounds in it!" (Incidentally, the Lemon Drop is real, the coffee grounds are just an example!) Please feel free to comment on the new stuff or let me know what you think of a product you've already ordered and tried. I've made so many additions and improvements based on customer comments and I'm excited to keep getting better!

I also run across some interesting articles online sometimes and wonder if anyone else is scratching their heads about them. I will probably share some of them here to see what you think. Again, please share your thoughts! I'd love to see your comments!


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