Monday, June 11, 2007

Citrus Rose

The flavor of the month in June is citrus rose--okay, maybe it sounds strange, but some of our local folks are enjoying it! One of our super customers requested a matching fragrance, so we put that together, too. We've been including free samples in many of our orders this month--hand cream, lip balm, whatever we have made up at the time--just as an extra "thanks" and to share this new flavor and fragrance. We'll be adding it to our other fragrances as soon as we can, but ask us about it if you are planning a rose-themed event before it's "live" at the site.

Please consider adding your comments here once you've tried it. We've gotten some feedback already--some love it, some...well, not so much! But we love ALL feedback, so let us know what you think!

1 comment:

  1. Emily,

    I absolutely LOVE the citrus rose scent! I have the body lotion and lip balm and it's become my new favorite! I used to be a steadfast supporter of green clover & aloe, now find that I'm loving this one just as much! I love clean fresh scents and this is just the thing for that! It's not too "rosie" and has just a hint so that the combination is absolutely divine! Great creation! I LOVE GCD Spa products & am a huge products girl so when I like something I'm sure to let everyone know!



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